Tuesday, 22 August 2017

USPS Address Validation / Verification


The United States Postal Service is an address verification and address formatting tool. This tool corrects errors in street addresses, including abbreviations and missing information. It also supplies a ZIP+4® Code. This saves time and money by reducing the shipping errors due to incorrect address. USPS verifies the address against the USPS address database and format the address into common formats. If the address is invalid then it shows not found error. USPS can be used in E-commerce where Address can be commonly formatted and removes the invalid address. USPS can be used in corporate business where there will be multiple entries of addresses for the same customer with small changes. This can be fixed with USPS which sends the address as an input to USPS and gets the formatted address. By this user can remove the multiple address entries for one customer.

For most online businesses, a bad address represents the end of the road. Before shipping a product or extending trust to a subscriber, one must ensure that the submitted personal information is correct. This also includes their street address.

There are multiple reasons an address might reflects as an invalid.

  • Imaginary address:

    The imaginary addresses are fake, hypothetical, no longer exists, or does not exist. Making up a number for a house on your street would have this effect, as would using the address of a building torn down six months ago.

  • Incorrect address:

    Sometimes the entered address may be poorly spelled/formatted that can't be accurately corrected or if the wrong information is given, such as incorrect street name or house number.

  • Address hasn't occupied:

    Perhaps a building is new or vacant. Either way, if no one's there to receive mail, the address won't be listed in the database, so it never validates.

  • Address hasn't registered:

    New buildings, new occupants or occupants that don't want/need to receive mail—all are examples of an address not being registered yet/anymore with the USPS. Unregistered addresses are considered as an invalid.

  • Instantly corrects missing and inaccurate address data elements

  • Ensures consistent formatting of addresses and corrects types

  • Validates both U.S. and international address.

  • Cleans your lists as you need, without interrupting your existing collections.

  • Ensure your marketing communication reaches the right customer

  • Provide a superior customer experience

  • Reduce costs by fixing inaccurate addresses automatically

  • Increase your database accuracy for more intelligent decision-making

Address verification solution helps to verify addresses from wherever we collects data.It corrects spelling and formats errors on the fly, prompts users for missing address details, and appends ZIP + 4® information. Its much easier to get complete and standardized contact data with our address validation solution.

Address verification fields are
  • ECommerce

  • Postal areas

  • Shipments

  • Background verification check

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